We hope everyone enjoys the show. We also want to keep providing this bit of entertainment around the holidays. For that reason, we ask that everyone who stops by to please be safe and considerate of our neighbors.

Watch for Kids - We are a kid-friendly community with lots of little ones. While driving through and/or looking for a place to park, please keep your eyes open for kids, especially during trick-or-treat or when the weather is nice.

Do Not Block Driveways – If you are driving your vehicle to observe our display, please make sure you do not block our driveway or the driveways of our neighbors.

Do Not Block Traffic – Please park correctly so that street traffic can move freely. Our street is wide enough to allow curb parking and two-way traffic, but just barely.

Do Not Disturb Occupants – Neither we nor our neighbors are providing public restroom facilities – please plan ahead before leaving your house.

Keep Radio Volume Reasonable - Providing the music via FM radio is to allow you to listen in your car or using a portable radio without disturbing the neighbors. Turning the volume up a bit so you can stand outside your car is fine. But please don’t blast your stereo so loud that the neighbors can hear it inside their homes.

Keep Off Private Property – If you are observing the display on foot, please observe from the sidewalks only. Please do not stand on lawns or driveways.

Avoid Blocking The Display – If possible, please park tall vehicles away or across the street from our display so that others can observe it. If there is not ample parking, please park on a side street and visit the display on foot.

Do Not Litter – We understand that you may want something to drink or eat while watching. We only ask that whatever you bring with you, you take with you.

We thank you for your cooperation!