First, no, I wasn’t approached by anyone or asked to take them down.

You see… previously, I had uploaded my videos to YouTube, then embedded those videos into the holiday light show pages on this website.

I use an ad blocker uBlock Origin on all my own web browsers (and highly recommend you do too). This means I normally don’t see any ads before watching videos on YouTube, so I had never really considered how my videos would be used for advertising.

A short while ago I was helping a friend access my YouTube videos on their computer. I was really turned off by how many ads we had to watch, how long of a delay they introduced before getting to the videos and the products and services being advertised were nothing that I would support or recommend to anyone.

The more I thought about it, the more it irked me.

In parallel to all this, with Twitter becoming a hate-filled refuge for racists, bigots and the worst of America, I quit and joined the ActivityPub Fediverse. As part of that move, I set up my own PeerTube instance, ContinjaTube, to share my personal videos.

The issue with this is that one has to be more conscious of copyrights in this environment. You see, YouTube has ‘deals’ with the major music publishers. In exchange for the music publishers not constantly issuing DMCA take-down notices and not suing YouTube for every infringement, YouTube gives those publishers some or all of the ad revenue generated by the ads placed before videos containing their copyrighted music. This avenue isn’t available to individuals who want to share on smaller video-sharing platforms that are not generating millions of dollars in advertising revenue.

Because I do respect an individual’s right to their intellectual property and creative work, I’ve decided the best option, for now, is to remove the unlicensed music from the videos hosted on my server.

As a compromise, I will post videos from the show as I make them to my YouTube Channel, including the music. I’ve disabled comments and viewing ‘likes’ to reduce the amount of interaction you’ll have and thereby reducing YouTube’s ability to collect tracking and behavioral data about you. Finally, I will not push notifications of new videos to subscribers. So, unless you want to for your own purposes, there is no benefit to subscribing and I do not encourage it.

I will then cross-post videos with all license-restricted content removed to my ContinjaTube PeerTube channel.

From there, I’ll leave it to the viewer to decide whether to view the videos on YouTube (with the ads and tracking) or the versions on my server.