Light Show On-Demand

To start the show, tune your car or handheld radio to 87.9 FM to hear the music, then text the word GO to the number displayed on the garage door.

Each on-demand request will play a ‘set’ of songs from the full playlist. If it ends and you want to see more, text GO again to see the next set. Keep going until you start to see repeats, or come back another time. The playlist re-shuffles periodically. So if you leave and come back, chances are you’ll see a different, random mix in each set.

Why? After doing this a few years, we find that visitors tend to watch a few songs then leave long before the full show ends. Rather than leaving it playing for no one, and to be more respectful of our neighbors, we hope breaking the show into smaller sets makes it more enjoyable for everyone.

About the Show

The Halloween show typically runs from around October 1 through Halloween night. Shortly thereafter, we’ll change over to our Christmas setup. Once that’s up and tested, we’ll run a shorter Thanksgiving show for a few weeks and then start the Christmas show at sunset on Thanksgiving Day.

Where to See It


Lights come on at sunset and will play a song randomly every 15 minutes until 9pm on school nights, and 10pm on Fri/Sat nights.

Between songs, we’ll display a changing ‘holiday lights scene’ and play standard holiday music over our FM radio station.

The ‘Light Show On-Demand’ is also available during this time. You can trigger it whenever you see the instructions and number scrolling across the garage.

Rules for Viewing

Before you visit, this would be a good time to take a look at the Rules for Viewing.

Videos on YouTube

Carol of the Bells - Lindsey Stirling

Here are more videos of the show.

2024 will be my 4th year riding the Texas MS150 charity ride.

If you enjoy the show and would like to show your appreciation, please consider helping us reach our fundraising goal by donating to the National MS Society to support their efforts to find a cure for multiple sclerosis and to help those affected by MS.

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